Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Theatre - From Leesburg & Mount Dora

  • Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Theatre - From Leesburg & Mount Dora

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Theatre - From Leesburg & Mount Dora

Wednesday, August 21, 2018



Join us for an afternoon of food, fellowship, and laughs! Enjoy the show, “The Reunion”. Laugh, play, eat and investigate along with the characters and audience members to solve the crime.

Your attendance at an alumni reunion for Luray Academy is direly requested. It is extremely important! The survival of the liberal arts college is at risk. One of the graduates, Lilah Beauregard, wants to bulldoze the college and set up condos. She must be stopped! Organizers of this class reunion are planning a gala affair to raise money in defense of the school. However, the evening does not go as planned. The band that is scheduled to perform is jailed, secret relationships are revealed, lies come to the surface, and ultimately the event ends
in murder. Come help save the Academy and find out if Lilah’s loathsome plan is averted.

Lunch choices are as follows: Assorted crackers and signature cheese spread, Fresh greens salad, choice of: Honey Glazed Cornish Hen with herbed stuffing, sweet potato, vegetables and cranberry sauce, Cheese Lasagna with Meatballs; or Cheese Lasagna without Meatballs and garlic bread. Mystery dessert. Assorted soft drinks, tea, coffee and a full bar. Please make your selection at the time of your reservation.

Price includes motorcoach, theater ticket, lunch and gratuities. This trip is based on a minimum of 45 people.

Payment is due at time of reservation. Please make checks payable to Life’s a Trip Tours and mail to P. O. Box 590066, Orlando, FL 32859.

Deadline for cancellation with a refund is July 21, 2018.

1st pick up: Leesburg (corner of Main and Lee, behind law office) at 9:30 a.m. (bus will arrive 15 minutes prior)

2rd pick up: Lowe’s in Mt. Dora at 10:00 a.m.

We will return around 3:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m

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